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Bank nets gifts for ‘neediest children’

Bank nets gifts for ‘neediest children’

More than 200 gifts were handed out to some of the country’s neediest children this week, thanks to a “secret Santa” drive for the Children in Need Foundation (CiNF).

Twenty pairs of slippers and 210 presents were distributed by charity members, with the help of Father Christmas, to youngsters in the Girne Hospital children’s ward, Lefkosa’s children’s cancer ward, the Special Needs School in Lefkosa and the capital’s Social Services Home and Orphanage.

“Children at the Special Needs School in Gazi Magusa will also be getting gifts,” said CiNF chairman drop Mally Torris.

The presents were collected through a Christmas Box appeal organised by Iktisatbank, which put out drop boxes for members of the public to donate small gifts at the bank’s Karaoglanoglu, Karakum, Osmanpasa, Gazi Magusa and Guzelyurt branches.

Mrs Torris said: “We send a big thank-you to the bank for their great help – and to Father Christmas.”

Laurence Floyd, of the charity, added: “A lot of the gifts we collected were donated by bank staff, which was a fantastic gesture.”

Iktisatbank general manager Ahmet M Karavelioglu said: “We are very pleased that we have been able to assist in making Christmas a happy one for the children of North Cyprus.”

He had also thanked everyone who had donated, saying even a small toy could make a big difference to a child’s life.

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