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Burglars Steal Mother's Ashes

This is the heartfelf plea from a family to gang of thieves who burgled their Alsancak Home. taking thousands, of pounds worth of items and an urn.

Fiona Scott,  from Rugby, said her TRNC villa was the favorite holiday destination of her mother, Meral Scott, untiul she died of kidney failure minutes before her 82 birthday in December 2011.

The Fmily had hoped to scatter part of the ashes of the great-grandmother and mother of 12 in the plot she fell in love with by Horse shoe bay. Fiona said "its hard to imagine someone sinking lower than this, to steal an urn. I am devastated. Everything else can be replaced. I just want the person who took it to leave it on our doorstep, or with  the Police, aything we just want mum back.

Her sister Cherene clare said, when I found out her ashes had taken it was like being told she had died all over again. I cried all day. Its is not knowing who has her and what they have done with her.

Meral had visited North Cyprus about 10 times since  her daughter bought the holiday home, and loved the country, where she played bingo and relaxed with Turkish Cypriot Women.

Fiona said I remember she loved sitting in the swing chair and being in the sea, even thought the last time she was weak we had to hold her up.

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