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Father Christmas delights Porter English Reading Centre (ERC) pupils

Father Christmas delights Porter English Reading Centre (ERC) pupils

Squeals of delight greeted Santa Claus at Karaoglanoglu’s Porter English Reading Centre when 26 kindergarten pupils and their teachers held a Christmas party.

The all-day bash began with games of musical statues, pass the parcel and blind man’s bluff before a party lunch and snacks and Santa’s visit.

School principal Hannah Asker, who founded the centre with her mother Judy 11 years ago, said: “All the children bought each other a “Secret Santa” present which we arranged under the tree and Father Christmas gave them out.

“We have been doing lots of seasonal activities and crafts since the last week of November so everyone was very excited.

“Unfortunately heavy rain has kept us all indoors but the children have been very good, if a little hyper.”

The 30-student school has now broken up for the holiday and will resume lessons on Monday, January 5.

North Cyprus-born Mrs Asker said Cypriots had really begun to embrace the fun of Christmas, which was being celebrated more and more each year.

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