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Fellows presented with MBE honour

Fellows presented with MBE honour

A trnc expat went to Buckingham palace on Thursday to receive an MBE from Prince Charles for his long-term sevices to the country’s british community.

Harry fellows, 76, a father of two, said he was “honoured to be honoured” by the investiture, during which he had a brief talk with the prince about the work of the british cemetery committee in north cyprus.

Karsiyaka-based Mr Fellows is married to Katherine and has been chairman of the committee since 1997. Speaking to reporters following the ceremony, he said:  “it was amazing to be in the presence of his majesty prince Charles and to receive the award.

“i walked through the ballroom of the palace and stood in front of prince Charles. In our brief talk which lasted about two minutes, he asked me about the expats in north cyprus and the importance of the cemetery committee, which serves the community.

“he noticed i was wearing a royal navy tie and he was dressed in the uniform of an admiral, so we also spoke briefly about the royal navy.

“then he pinned the MBE on my chest and i stepped back and took a bow.

“i was very honoured to be honoured because at that very moment with the prince, i felt that i represented the work, efforts and determination of the people and team i work with, and accepted this award also in their names.

“it was an amazing experience which i will never forget.”

Mr fellows has become the third British TRNC resident to be awarded an MBE, following in the footsteps of prue lundie, who, in 2012, received the accolade for her work with the British Residents’ society (BRS) and the TRNC State Blood Bank. The first person honoured in the TRNC was the reverend Arthur Rider, Chaplain of St Andrew’s Church, in 1992.


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