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Flood Chaos

Thousands of homes, businesses and schools were flooded following torrential rainfall this week. Officials described the floods which wreaked havoc in Lefkosa and Mesaoria Plain as an environmental catasrophe as rivers burst their banks and peple were trapped in their homes, vehicles and work places last Tuesday.

Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu told Cyprus Today: The Goverment immediately formed a crisis committee following the disaster which is made up of differet ministries, district officers and architectural engineers. This body is currently taking short, medium and  long-term measures to prevent those appaling scenes from ever being seen again.

The Committee is also talking about day to day problems that can arise during floods. In October 2014, Cyprus Today revealed that a special Prime Minisrerial Committee had listed 16 flood prevention projects costing a total of 2.4 million TL - some of which had been given the green light - had  been drawn up by the Water Department. The list included projects to rehabilitate stream beds, ponds and wetlands and was supposed to have been completed by this month.

The supremacy of Law movement chauirman and former Bar Association head, Baris Mamali, said it was time for officals "to take responsibility rather than apologise. A blind eye has been turned to illegal structures.

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