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Help those who help Turtles

A wish Lost of appliances needed at Alagadi headquarters of the Turtle project has been issued by the society for the Protection of Turtles(spot) as the frst UK students arrive for a new season of research and resque.

British University students pay their own travel expenses amd board help with conversation. Volunteers walk as much as 20km day or night monitoring beaches, nests and nesting females. The first Marine Turtle research Group volunteers came in 1992 and many return for a second or third year despite the basic shared living conditions and six day a week duties including litter clean ups.

Researcher Robin snape said we are on a bit of a shoestring this year and would welcome a helping hand. Donors or sponsors may help with the list which includes two water coolers a mouse proof kitchen worktop storage as last year chipboard has been consumed over the winter by invading mice a fridgefreezer and garden chairs with cushions.

A flaat screen TV and DVD player are also required to screen the educational film made about the project which has already been viwed by thousands of tourist and school groups.

Mr Snape said: The old TV is unreliable and takes up too much space in our info room which seems to get smaller every year. We could run a scrolling ad for sponsors which would target tourist who visit the project. he added

Offers of help may be made by phoning Mr Snape on 0548 886 8684

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