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Illegal Karpaz Chalets Closed

One hundred illegal extensions to holiday sites near the Karpaz's iconic Golden Beach have been shut down in a swop by officals. The crackdown has won praise from environmentalists, but tourism businesses say it leaves only a dwindling amount of accommodation for visitors to the National Park area.

About Dozen sites were inspected in the swoop by officals from the tourism Enviroment and Culture Ministry on Wendesday last week. The North Cyprus platorfm for the Enviroment, which has spearheaded protests and legal action. But the beach operators, including Burhan Kalkin, of Burhans Golden beach, who run a popular chalet site for 17 years, were not so happy.

My Lease from Forestry Department ran out in 2005, but I had verbal approval to continue, now they have closed 12 rooms, leaving me only five open, said Mr Kalin.

He said fellow operators in the area had left with between only two an seven letting rooms. Others caught up in the clampdown include Gazimagusa based restaurateur Alpay Kocareis, 68 who has lost the restaurant and bar of his site between Dipkarpaz and Golden beach. He claimed the stracture did not violate any regulations. Officals came and saled my saloon and restaurant which is temporary building with woode framed windows, put up about seven years ago said mr Kocaries.

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