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Machine to help save our skins

GIRNE State Hospital was presented with a digital dermatoscope on Tuesday by the North Cyprus Cancer Charity Trust. The 34,000TL MoleMax machine uses polarised light and computerised magnification  light to inspect skin lesions for malignancy, instantly distinguishing troublesome moles and diagnosing skin cancers such as melanoma.

Charity head Angela Hasman, said: Every penny that our volunteer team collects goes towards the cost of cancer detecting equipment for early diagnosis. We do not even take a cent towards our expences.

Girne is the only state hospital to own such a machne and we hope that it will save lives and also help to reassure people who worry about the dangers of skin cancer in a hot climate.

She added that a defibrillator costing 9,000TL and a computerised treadmill priced at $21,000 would be handed over at noon next Wednesday. The kitty is not yet empty and if the Girne doctors come up with a request for another piece of equipment to fight cancer, we should be able to help she added.

Although the NCCCT shop at the hut , behind Girne Post Office has closed for the summer the Heartbeat shop near Girne Hospital will remain open for secondhand bargains until Monday , july 15, when it will shut it doors for the summer ,reopening in September.


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