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Weather intensifies accidents on roads

Weather intensifies accidents on roads

Nine people were injured, two of them seriously, in a series of crashes this week, including one involving an ambulance.

The SOS vehicle was being used to take a paediatrician to Yeni Erenkoy Health Centre when it skidded off the Gazi Magusa-Karpaz road at 11.15am on Tuesday 9th of December.

Driver Necip Kahir lost control at the Pamuklu junction, where the road was slippery after rain.

Another ambulance was called to take him for treatment to minor injuries at Gazi Magusa Hospital. His doctor passenger, Ayten Beyar, was unhurt.

Two young women were badly hurt in head on smashes. One was a passenger involved in a crash near Alsancak’s Landing Beach which police said happened when an expat-driven “jeep” veered on to the wrong side of the road.

Maureen Armstrong, 66, was at the wheel when the vehicle, coming from the Girne direction about 12.40 am on Monday. She was taken to Lefkosa State Hospital for treatment to a broken leg. A passenger in the car, 21-year-old Nurdan Ural, was to the hospital’s intensive care unit, when her condition was initially described as critical. She was later transferred to the cardiology unit.

Car driver Mahmut Koral, 29, was treated for minor injuries at Girne State Hospital.

Driver Elmaziye Gundes, 19, was in a critical condition following emergency surgery at Lefkosa State Hospital after a collision with a van on Saturday in the Karpaz village of Kumyali.

Passengers Omer Yildiz and Yilmaz Amin were slightly hurt, as was van passenger Oguzcan Aras. Van driver Ahmet Aras, who was unhurt, was arrested.

One person suffered minor injuries on Tuesday when two cars hurtled out of control across the Lefkosa-Girne dual carriageway after collusion, knocking down a lamp-post on the central reservation.

Police said the 1.20pm crash happened when driver Demir Yusuf Kaymak,40, heading towards Lefkosa, attempted to overtake 46-year-old Bayer Vail’s vehicle, but hit the side of it.

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